Men’s Health Statistics: How And When Are You Going To Die?

A 2015 report showed that life expectancy at birth of American men was just below 77 years. This number is actually significantly higher than the global population life expectancy at birth, which was only 71.4 years. As for leading causes of death in American men, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes make up more than 50%, based on a 2014 data.

If we interpret these statistics, we can say that American men will die because of cancer, heart disease, or diabetes at around 76 to 77 years of age. The question then becomes, what are you going to do about it?

Find Ways To Extend Your Life Expectancy

There are many ways to extend your life span, the top two of which are eating healthy and exercising regularly. If you do this, barring any unforeseen accidental injuries or genetically inherited diseases, you should be able to live longer for several more years.

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